Semiotix XN-9 (2012)

Tartu and the MA in Semiotics: four years after

Started in the fall of 2009, the International Master’s Programme in Semiotics taught at the University of Tartu, has now turned four. As Anti Randviir (senior researcher of sociosemiotics) pointed out during the last graduation […]


Changing the Game

Chris Arning – on behalf of the Semiofest Organizing Committee “So why do a conference anyway? And what makes an event engaging? A well executed industry gathering is not just about educating your audience. It’s […]

Semiotix XN-8 (2012)

Semiotic Society of America (SSA) Update

The 37th Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America will be held in Toronto from November 1-4, at the Westin Harbour Castle. Special events at the meeting will include plenary addresses by Eero Tarasti […]


Semiotics in Poland

In 2008 Polskie Towarzystwo Semiotyczne [Polish Semiotic Society  (PSS)]  begun its fifth decade of existence. Since the very beginning (1968), PSS has been acting  on many areas of theoretical and applied semiotics including linguistics, logic, […]


World Report: The Peirce Edition Project

  Foreword: Visiting the Peirce Edition Project Looking backward, any scholar can probably identify the precise moment in which her researches took a sudden and decisive turn, thus shaping the rest of her academic life. […]