Semiotic Society of America (SSA) Update

Terry J. Prewitt

The 37th Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America will be held in Toronto from November 1-4, at the Westin Harbour Castle. Special events at the meeting will include plenary addresses by Eero Tarasti (University of Helsinki), Michael Silverstein (University of Chicago, Jacques Fontanille (Université de Limoges), and Rafael Núñez (University of California, San Diego). The meeting will also feature papers and round-table discussions by the membership relating to a wide array of semiotic topics, a Presidential Address by Isaac Catt, and annual business meetings of the society.
The Semiotic Society of America, founded in 1975, has supported global movements in semiotics representing a number of independent perspectives. SSA publishes The American Journal of Semiotics and a yearly proceedings volume that includes some of the papers delivered at the annual meeting. While the society has mainly included members from the United States and Canada, participation in the annual meetings has involved prominent scholars from over 30 countries; at the same time, SSA has nurtured young scholars throughout its history.
Currently under the leadership of President Isaac Catt, the society continues to build connections across national and disciplinary boundaries, bringing several approaches to semiotic studies into scholarly and public view. Working closely with The Philosophy Documentation Center, membership, subscription and meeting functions of the society are managed under a single convenient canopy.

Isaac Catt

More information on the society, including historical information, current officers, meeting information, and publications, is available at the SSA website

The immediate goal of the Semiotic Society of America is to draw together scholars and professionals who are engaged in the study and application of theories of ‘signs’, and to promote communication among the diverse groups with such interests. With the theme of the 37th annual meeting is “Semiotics of New Media”, the organized presentations promise to support the SSA goal substantially. We invite broad participation and promise a very rewarding meeting experience in Toronto.

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