Semiotix XN-12 (2014)

Lectures on the Epistemology of Semiotics

The book entitled as Lectures on the Epistemology of Semioticsconsists of eight lectures pertaining to theoretical issues and three supplements exemplifying the applicative values of selected conceptions in the domain of semiotic studies. Separately detached […]

Semiotix XN-12 (2014)

Belligerent broadcasting: antagonism in media talk”?

We begin with the following exchange from a 2012 interview between BBC journalist Jeremy Paxman and Treasury Minister Chloe Smith; an example of what Richards (2007: 73) calls “Rottweiler” interviewing: JP: Do you ever wake […]


Editorial: Why study media talk ?

In this editorial and the accompanying three texts we present a certain take on analyzing the details of communication in the media, a perspective now often described as the media talk approach (see Hutchby 2006; […]

Semiotix XN-12 (2014)

World Report: From Morocco

The project of this book goes back to approximately 10 years. I came then to collaborate with Beatrice Fink to a special issue of Eighteenth Century Life on the food topography. I proposed then a […]

Semiotix XN-12 (2014)

Being sociable on web TV

What kind of interactional situation does the image below show? One guy is intensely occupied with writing on his keyboard while the other guy next to him is pointing to something on his laptop screen, […]


I ♥ Face Book

“Waste of time”, “intrusive”, “vain”, these are the words I hear from colleagues who swear they will never succumb to the Face Book craze. I beg to differ. It is true that endless successions of […]