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HUMAN BODIES AS X’S Book Review by David Lidov   The semiotics of X: chiasmus, cognition and extreme body memory. Jamin Pelkey. London ; New York, NY : Bloomsbury (Advances in Semiotics), 2017. Jamin Pelkey, […]


New Issue of Signs & Media (Spring Issue, 2016)

We are glad to announce the publication of the new issue of Signs & Media, a bilingual (English-Chinese), peer-reviewed semiotic journal. Please feel free to download the PDF Version of Signs & Media.  Editor’s Notes […]



By Gabriela Pedranti As we do (almost) every year, we went to Tallinn for the last Semiofest edition (June 1st to June 4th, 2016). Having attended four out of five events (and even organising it […]

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Semiotics and Fieldwork: On critical enthographies Special issue of Punctum. International Journal of Semiotics Guest Editors: Eleftheria Deltsou (Univ. of Thessaly) and Fotini Tsibiridou (Univ. of Macedonia) The cross-fertilization between anthropology and semiotics, stretching back […]

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Report on 2015 Pragmatics Conference

The 14th International Pragmatics Conference was held in Antwerp (Belgium), July 26-31. A truly international event which takes place every second year, the 2015 conference attracted 1,277 linguists and semioticians from 62 countries. All the […]

Guest column

Multimodal argumentation in context.

From the International Pragmatics Conference (July 26-31) A specialist of multimodal discourse analysis, the author addresses the issue of context change potential (CCP) from a cognitive semiotic perspective. As Dr. Wildfeuer could not be present […]

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Reviews’ review: botanical semiotics

Plants are organisms that process vital information from their environment and from other plants. Folk biology sees vegetal life as basically passive, “vegetative”. The circadian motion of sun flowers is perceived as an oddity. But […]


Welcome the smart book

Today’s utopia is tomorrow’s technology. One may dream of a kind of scientific books which would be strikingly different from the bound sets of printed pages which clutter our libraries and offer more rhetoric than […]



The title must deliver the main information contained in the article or report in the form of a short but complete sentence, possibly with an ellipsis which makes the sentence more concise without obscuring its […]

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Let’s restitute indexicality! A manifesto

Modern semiotics willingly embraces the tripartite typology of signs proposed by Charles Sanders Peirce. Even though exact formulations differ and other classes of signs may be proposed, most semioticians would agree that sign can be […]

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Report from Lithuania

The International Semiotics Institute, in its new location at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, organized last 2-7 June 2014 the 1st International Congress of Numanities. The congress has been a sort of “baptism of fire”, […]

Guest column

Toward Social Neuroscience

As a psychiatrist and lecturer in experimental psychiatry and social neuroscience, I am interested in how human beings understand and make sense of each other. My research is based on the assumption that social cognition […]

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Discourse, Knowledge and Practice in Society
07 and 08 July 2017 - Bucharest, Romania
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International Congress on Visual Culture
Universidad Abat Oliba CEU, Barcelona, Spain | May 22-23 | 2017
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1st International Congress on Smart Systems, Innovations and Computing (SSIC)
15-16 April, 2017 / Manipal University Jaipur
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International Seminar on “Symbolism in Indian Art, Archaeology and Literature”
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13th World Congress of Semiotics
Kaunas, Lithuania, 26-30 June 2017
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