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About The Bloomsbury Companion to Contemporary Peircean Semiotics

This book considers the work and influence of Charles Sanders Peirce, showing how the concepts and ideas he developed continue to impact and shape contemporary research issues. Written by a team of leading international scholars of semiotics, linguistics and philosophy, this Companion examines the growing impact of Peirce’s thought and semiotic theories on a range of different fields. Discussing topics such as narrative, contemporary philosophy, aesthetics and linguistics, the book furthers understanding of the contemporary pertinence of Peircean concepts in theoretical and empirical fashion. The Bloomsbury Companion to Contemporary Peircean Semiotics is the definitive guide to the enduring legacy of one of the world’s greatest semioticians.

Introduction, Tony Jappy (University of Perpignan Via Domitia, France)
1. Peirce in Contemporary Semiotics, Paul Cobley (Middlesex University, UK)
2. Peircean Semiotics in China Today, Xingzhi Zhao (Sichuan University, China)
3. Peirce’s Conception of Semiosis, Tony Jappy (University of Perpignan Via Domitia, France)
4. A Complex System of Sign Classes for Complex Sign Systems, Priscila Borges (University of Brasilia, Brazil)
5. Peirce’s Aesthetic Confession and its Analytical Consequences, Robert E. Innis (University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA)
6. Abduction: The Logic of Creativity, Sara Barrena and Jaime Nubiola (University of Navarra, Spain)
7. Abduction as an Explanatory Strategy in Narrative, Genie Babb and James Liszka (SUNY Plattsburgh, USA)
8. Logic and Dialogue in Peirce’s Conception of Argumentation, Augusto Ponzio (Bari University, Italy)
9. A Peircean Semiotics of Technological Artefacts, Bent Sørensen, Martin Thellefsen and Torkild Thellefsen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
10. The Semiotic Nonagon: Peirce’s Categories as Design-Thinking, Claudio Guerri (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
11. Pragmatism and Semiotics in Teaching Drawing Today, Seymour Simmons (Winthrop University, USA)
12. From Gestures to Habits: A Link Between Semiotics and Pragmatism, (Rossella Fabbrichesi, University of Milan, Italy)
13. Peirce and Welby: For An Ethics of the Man-Sign Relation, Susan Petrilli (University of Bari, Italy)
14. Peircean Semiotic for Language and Linguistics, Jamin Pelkey (Ryerson University, Canada)
15. Co-localization as the Syntax of Multimodal Propositions: An Amazing Peircean Idea and some Implications for the Semiotics of Truth, Frederik Stjernfelt (University of Aalborg, Denmark)


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