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Those who have now by force more time on their hands may take this opportunity to explore the resources of the

For instance, clicking on Archives at the top of the SemiotiX page will open more than two decades of articles published when SemiotiX was appearing as separate issues rather than as the current  streaming magazine. They will find through “Semiotix” 15 issues published between 2004 and 2009. Clicking on “SemiotiX New Series” or “Semiotix XN”, gives access to 12 issues published between 2010 and 2014.
On the page, there are more options such as access to the magazine Design, Style, and Fashion  and other resources.
The section resources includes three clusters: the Semiotics Institute Online offers 24 (free) courses on a variety of subjects relevant to semiotic research; the encyclopedia give access to in-depth discussions of some central concepts and applications of semiotics; Virtual Symposia leads to 21 proceedings of meetings that took place during the last two decades and includes some podcasts.


It is also a time when, sadly, many fall victims to the deadly Covid-19 virus. Some of us may want to honour their memory, in particular the doctors and nurses who lost their lives caring for them, by listening to Kristof Penderecki’s “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs”.


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