Before Sight

Before sight there were touch and smell, both in our evolutionary and developmental past. Scant attention has been paid, though, to tactile, gustatory, and olfactory information in the semiotic literature. By contrast, visual and acoustic […]

Guest column

The Zoosemiotic Page: Wolf Matters

Learning about the social lives of other species, such as wolves (Canis lupus), is complicated by the difficulty of observing them in the wild.  Over the past few decades, increased opportunities to observe pack life […]

Semiotix XN-6 (2011)

What is Cognitive Semiotics?

Cognitive Semiotics (hence, CS) can be defined as an interdisciplinary matrix of disciplines and methods, focused on the multifaceted phenomenon of meaning or as an emerging field with the ambition of “…integrating methods and theories […]


Semiotic Profile: Judith Lynne Hanna

Visual and kinesthetic stimuli led Dr. Judith Lynne Hanna (Columbia University, PhD 1976) to begin an almost five decade interdisciplinary study on the semiotics of nonverbal communication.  At social dances in Los Angeles, she noticed […]


The Senses of Space

Space has more than three dimensions. Our sense of space is generated by movement, that is, by time. But space is foremost a multimodal experience: visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory, and gustative. There is also an […]