Semiotix XN-11 (2013)

World report: Argentina

The 9th Congress of the Argentine Association for Semiotic Studies (AAS)   The conference was held from September 5th to 7th, 2013, in Mendoza city, Argentina, organized by the National University of Cuyo, under the […]

Semiotix XN-11 (2013)

World report: Croatia

The author runs fascinating experiments in teaching philosophy to children and golden age people. This could inspire some semioticians to follow suit and introduce the philosophy of signs to younger and older minds than is […]


Semiotics in Big Data Time

Notwithstanding the utopians from Arisbe to Tartu, life is a semiotic war zone. Broadcasting vital biological information “to whom it may concern” or selectively targeting the recipient(s) of socially relevant messages are adaptive moves which […]

Semiotix XN-11 (2013)

World report: Sweden

PJOS re-launched under new editorship Since May 2013, Prof. Jordan Zlatev at Lund University, Sweden assumed the role of editor-in-chief of the Public Journal of Semiotics (PJOS), whereas founding editor Prof. Paul Bouissac concentrated his […]

Semiotic Profile

Semiotic Profile: Theo van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen, Theo Theo van Leeuwen (b. 1947) is a social semiotician widely recognized as a co-founder, alongside Gunther Kress, of multimodality – an area of research concerned with the meaning-making potential and use of […]

Semiotix XN-11 (2013)

World report: Mexico

The Semiotics of Terror   The Semiotics of Terror is a line of research currently underway that seeks to define the prototypical mechanisms of signification of the genre Terror in its various modes of textualization, […]

Review of Books

The SemiotiX Review of Books

Semiotica botanica Some four decades ago, German semiotician, artist, and architect Martin Krampen coined the term phytosemiotics (from the Ancient Greek word for plant). Based on the fragile evidence available at the time, he claimed […]

Semiotix XN-11 (2013)

World report: Lithuania

The new International Semiotics Institute After 25 years of activity in Imatra, Finland, from January 2014 the International Semiotics Institute will move to Kaunas, Lithuania, in the premises of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts […]

Semiotix XN-11 (2013)

World report: Spain

The XVth Congress of the Spanish Association of Semiotics set a reflection on analytical categories of time, temporality and temporalization and their theoretical success within the field of Semiotics. The aim was to explore how […]