Networked Humanities: Art History on the Web

Networked Humanities: Art History on the Web is a joint ESF-COST Conference being held between October 9th and 14th 2010 in Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy. The call for proposals is now open!

Since the earliest times, new technologies have contributed to profound scientific advances and have transformed the ways we can do research. It is claimed today that the World Wide Web offers revolutionary models of scientific cooperation, which promise to instantiate a utopian democracy of knowledge. This claim has repeatedly been associated with the development and introduction of a collaborative Web, commonly referred to as ‘Web 2.0’ as well as its offspring, a semantically enriched Web 3.0 still in the making.

The ESF-COST Conference on ‘Networked Humanities: Art History in the Web’ aims at bringing together art historians and other researchers (including digital humanists) in order to investigate the intersection between the web and collaborative research processes, via an examination of electronic media-based cooperative models in the history of art and beyond.

The conference will not only be an occasion to exchange ideas and present relevant projects in the field, but,with contributions spanning from art history (and digital art) to philosophy and cultural studies, from psychology and sociology of knowledge to computer graphics, from semiotics to curatorial practices it will offer a unique forum for the representation of both diversified and complementary approaches to the topic of Networked humanities.

The conference will be held in Italy in the small village of Acquafredda di Maratea, which is situated on the coast, on the Gulf of Policastro, about 200 km south of Naples. It will be chaired by Prof. Kohle from the Institute for Art History, University of Munich, Germany. Hubertus Kohle is working in the field since the middle of the 1990s and has published widely on Digital Art History.

‘Networked Humanities: Art History in the Web’ is a joint ESF-COST Conference. ESF (European Science Foundation) and COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) are co-sponsoring – since 2006 – a series of Scientific Conferences, within the framework of the ESF Research Conferences Scheme. ESF-COST High-Level Conferences are at the highest scientific level with respect to topics and choice of participants. The Conferences bring together participants and experts in the areas chosen by ESF and COST to discuss topics that are of major importance to the scientific community in Europe.

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