Last Update: 15 April, 2005
Multimodality of Human Communication:
Theories, Problems and Applications
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Position Papers

This column features position papers on issues relevant to the multimodal approach to human communication. Researchers who are investigating any aspects of this general topic are invited to submit to the editor articles to be posted on this site. Critical discussions of the articles online can be addressed to their authors by clicking on the names. Information about the authors can be found in the Archive section of VIRTUAL SYMPOSIA.

Deb Roy
March 20, 2005
Gounding Language in the World: Schema Theory Meets Semiotics (PDF version)

Marcel Kinsbourne, M.D.
Updated novembre14, 2003
The Multimodal Mind: How the Senses combine in the Brain (PDF version)

John M. Kennedy and Igor Juricevic
Optics and Haptics: The Picture (PDF Version)

Michael W. Mair
The Melody of the Text Revisited (PDF Version)

Paul Bouissac
Describing gestures: boundaries, scales and perspectives (PDF Version)

David McNeill
Gesture and Language dialectic (PDF Version)

Philippe Martin
Intonation's many functions (PDF Version)

Keith Oatley
Words and Emotions:  Shakespeare, Chekhov, and the Structuring of Relationships (PDF Version)

Michel Paradis
Neurolinguistics of bilingualism and the teaching of languages (PDF Version)

Isabella Poggi
Gesture, Gaze and Touch: Literal and Indirect Meaning (PDF Version only)

Monica Rector
Cross-Cultural Understanding: The American Ghost (PDF Version)


Virtual Symposium (July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2006)

On May 3-5, 2002, a pluridisciplinary colloquium on the multimodality of human communication was held at Victoria University in the University of Toronto. This international event had been organized thanks to the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Connaught International Symposia / Colloquia Program, and various centres and departments in the University of Toronto and Victoria University. The program of the colloquium, as it happened, is available in the Archives of this section, where the abstracts and position papers are also accessible.

The new website which is now launched under the aegis of the above agencies is meant to open this pluridisciplinary forum to the global community of researchers in the emerging field of multimodality or multisensoriality studies and their numerous applications in a variety of domains such as language acquisition, communication, and information technologies. Specialists in the cognitive neurosciences, theoretical and applied linguistics, the psychology and anthropology of verbal and nonverbal communication in context, the semiotics of gestures, the modelling or simulation of symbolic interactions, and the development of economic transactions, video games and other virtual commodities such as wearable computers and artificial life animation, are invited to submit relevant position papers as well as discussions of the papers which are already posted.

New papers and comments to position papers should be sent as attachments to It is understood that the authors, whose e-mail addresses will be published with their papers, will retain their copyrights and will be able to withdraw their contributions as they see fit.

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