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The purpose of this site is to provide innovative, responsible and reliable knowledge in a variety of domains relevant to semiotics understood as the multidisciplinary study of information, meaning, communication, interpretation, sign systems and evolution, texts, interactions, organizations, cultural and social transformations, sense-making and all other topics that may emerge from future research, models and theories.


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July 2005

The Public Journal of Semiotics
, a new periodic publication online, has been launched this month. The first issue is expected to appear in 2006. It will be accessible, free of charge, to anyone interested in the development of semiotics in dialogue with the social, formal and natural sciences. It will endeavor to promote high standards of semiotic scholarship through a robust peer-review policy.

Researchers in any field that bears upon some aspects of the questions raised by the broad epistemological program of semiotics are welcome to submit articles.

All relevant information can be found on the website Visitors are invited to register and create their own password in order to access the members' page which includes the template for submitting articles.

Registration is free.

SemiotiX 5
  A global information bulletin.
The Public Journal of Semiotics (PJOS)
  A free journal online.