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Bolzano: The Mitteleuropa Foundation organizes a workshop on levels of reality (September 27-29)

By Heinrich Herre and Roberto Poli

The theory of levels of reality is possibly the single most relevant and unresolved problem in science and philosophy. A fully-developed theory of levels requires both a properly generalized concept of causation, able to consider not only material causes but psychological and social causes as well, and a correspondingly generalized idea of agency, able to explain not only material dynamics but psychological and social dynamics as well. Most details of the links connecting together the various levels of reality are still unknown, because the various sciences had mainly been working on causal links internal to their regional phenomena.

The lack of a theory of levels of reality has been the major obstruction to the development of the needed theories. Theories and models concerning the architecture of levels and their links will improve our understanding of the world and its many dependencies. Furthermore, the theory of levels helps asking new questions. This highly multidisciplinary workshop will address both conceptual and modeling aspects of the theory of levels of reality. Since the theory of levels suffers for the lack of any widely-accepted and well-established conceptual framework, plenty of time will be left for discussion and exchange of ideas.

Progress in the theory of levels will have significant consequences for applications in the areas of biological, psychological and social sciences.

The list of speakers includes: Liliana Albertazzi, Ion Baianu, Marc Bickhard, Roy Clouser, Costas Drossos, Claus Emmeche, Michael Healy, Heinrich Herre, Achilles Kameas, Michal Lachmann, Jerzy Perzanowski, Roberto Poli, Tim Porter, Johanna Seibt, Jan Treur, John Sowa, John Symons, and Matthew West.

Please notice that only 35 scholars will be admitted to the workshop.

If you are interested in participating to the workshop, drop a line to explaining your qualifications and why the topic is relevant for your research.

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