By Paul Bouissac
The art and trade of lobbying is a prime topic of investigation for semiotics. Lobbyists are not necessarily corruptors in disguise. There is a honest way of attempting to convince decision makers of the merits of a project, a product or an organization. Read more...
World Report
By Geoffrey Sykes
It is intriguing to consider how academic disciplines can be delineated and determined along national boundaries. To consider how different traditions of semiotic inquiry of the twentieth century have been configured in terms of national identity helps to correct the positivism and scientism that can overly dominate much semiotic inquiry. Read more...
Guest Column
By Paul J. Thibault
The Distributed Language Group (DLG) was inaugurated at a highly successful conference organised by Stephen Cowley (School of Psychology, University of Hertfordshire, UK) and held at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, England from 9th to 11th September 2005... Read more...
World Report
By Heinrich Herre and Roberto Poli
This highly multidisciplinary workshop will address both conceptual and modeling aspects of the theory of levels of reality. Read more...
State of the Art
By Laura R. Oswald
Over the past ten years or so, brand strategy researchers have come to recognize the importance of brand communication in building and sustaining brand equity, the value attached to a brand name or logo that supercedes product attributes and differentiates brands in the competitive arena... Read more...
World Report
By Geoffrey Sykes
The subject “Signs of Communication” has been run for a decade as a summer session elective at the University of Wollongong. It commenced as a more theoretical subject, using Robert Innes’ Semiotics, An Introductory Anthology, and gradually introduced varied teaching and empirical materials. Read more...
Semiotic Profile
By Andrew Filmer
Gay McAuley is an Honorary Professor in the Department of Performance Studies at the University of Sydney. She is editor of About Performance, the department’s journal, and convenor of the interdisciplinary Place and Performance Seminar. McAuley has been a leading figure in the development of Performance Studies in Australia through her innovative approaches to the study of live performance. Read more...
The Treasure Chest
By Paul Bouissac
Seven Deadly Colours. By Andrew Parker. The Free Press, Simon & Schuster UK Ltd, 2006.
Blue: The History of a Color. By Michel Pastoureau. Princeton University Press, 2001.
Mauve. By Simon Garfield. Faber & Faber,2000.