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A new Master degree in Semiotics at The University of Perpignan (France)

The University Via Domitia of Perpignan offers a new Master degree in the Humanities and Social Sciences (section literature and languages under the direction of Professor Paul Bretel). The program includes a course on “Semiotics and Language”, taught by Professor Joëlle Réthoré. The purpose of this second-level Masters program is to initiate future PhD candidates into the philosophy of linguistics and the semiotics of C. S. Peirce within the general domain of the language sciences and related areas of research. It stresses the importance of pragmatism as a methodology, that is, as a critique of the concepts common to all sciences, and especially to linguistic theory. The program complements a first-level Master course taught by a separate department at the University.

The core program (80 hours) includes the following components:

Semiotics as methodology, and linguistic pragmatism:(11 hours, Francesca Caruana ; 19 hours, Joëlle Réthoré): 30 hours
The fundamental concepts of linguistic pragmatism are reviewed from the viewpoint of Peirce’s theory of semiosis and his cenopythagorean categories.
Semiotics of the forms of representation (verbal, visual, imaginary) (Francesca Caruana, Tony Jappy): 20 hours
The problematic of contemporary art and the epistemology of text and image: beyond speculative grammar, speculative rhetoric.
Linguistic theory and applications: corpus linguistics (Mireille Bilger) 30 hours
Compiling oral and written corpora (formatting and tagging); tools for information retrieval; identifying the data; interpretation of the data within the framework of Peircean semiotics.
A research project written under the guidance of a research supervisor.

To complete the requirements for the Master degree, students must take 50 hours of courses among other programs non related to semiotics. The following are recommended:

  1. for candidates graduating from the English Department, the second level Hétérologies Master.
  2. for candidates graduating with a FLE (French as a Foreign language) diploma: Interculturality and Literature. Sociolinguistic seminar (C. Lagarde), Blacks and Indians in Latin America: discourses and representations (V. Lavou)

For further information please contact the Doctoral School secretariat: or Mme Joëlle Réthoré, (tel. +33 4 68 66 74 25)