By Paul Bouissac
In the guest column, Mihai Nadin challenges semioticians to engage issues and problems at the cutting edge of today's research rather than spending excessive time and energy mining the past and perpetuating sterile school debates. Read more...
World Report
By Liliana Albertazzi
The Mitteleuropa Foundation came into being in Bolzano in 2001, on decision by the municipal council, and its premises are located on the second floor of the ancient City Hall, in Via Portici 30. Read more...
World Report
By Christina Ljungberg
Although Switzerland both historically and geographically would seem to be located in the centre of semiotic Europe, semiotics does not enjoy much support in the Swiss academe. Unlike its neighboring countries, Germany, France and Italy, which have established semiotic traditions, semiotics is not even considered an official discipline in Switzerland and is therefore mostly integrated into other fields of study. Read more...
State of the Art
By Hansgeorg Schlichtmann & Alexander Wolodtschenko
Cartosemiotics with its various manifestations is an interesting facet not only of European, but also of international theoretical cartography. The last decade of the 20th century was characterized by considerable research activity in this subfield. Read more...
Guest Column
By Mihai Nadin
Open any of today's publications on semiotics and you will wonder: Is semiotics an exercise in futility? I know, the authors-some of whom I know and even respect-will probably argue that what they write is so essential that the world literally come to an end without their semiotic genius. Read more...
The Treasure Chest
By Paul Bouissac
Information: The New Language of Science by Hans Christian von Baeyer
On Intelligence by By Jeff Hawkins with Sandra Blakeslee
Varieties of Meaning. The 2002 Jean Nicod Lectures by Ruth Garrett Millikan