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New Journal Announcement: Cognitive Semiotics

Editors-in-chief: Per Aage Brandt & Todd Oakley

The first of its kind, Cognitive Semiotics is a multidisciplinary journal devoted to high quality research, integrating methods and theories developed in the disciplines of cognitive science with methods and theories developed in semiotics and the humanities, with the ultimate aim of providing new insights into the realm of human signification and its manifestation in cultural practices. The journal publishes two print issues a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Additionally, in December each year a special issue of the Companion to Cognitive Semiotics, a free online complement to the printed journal, is published on the website, which also serves as a vital resource for the journal.

As a whole Cognitive Semiotics offers its readers the opportunity to engage with ideas from the European and American traditions of cognitive science and semiotics, and to follow developments in the study of meaning – both in a cognitive and in a semiotic sense – as they unfold internationally. The intention of the journal is to create and facilitate dialogue, debate, and collaboration among those interested both in human cognition and in human semiotic experiences and behavior.

The initiative to create a transatlantically based journal comes from the Center for Cognition and Culture, at the department of Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University, and from a group of researchers trained at the Center for Semiotics, in Denmark, and based in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Cognitive Semiotics and Companion to Cognitive Semiotics publish peer-reviewed manuscripts according to a double-blind protocol. We invite authors to submit manuscripts on the above-mentioned and related topics to the coordinating editor, Jes Vang, at Also, we encourage everyone to visit our website frequently for relevant updates and news, and to sign up for our electronic newsletter to be informed of the upcoming editions of the journal (you do so by sending your name and email address to

For more information, including full publishing details, ordering information, and a free-to-download special #0 of Cognitive Semiotics, please visit the journal’s website:

Issue 0 (Spring 2007): Agency

Edited by: Lars Andreassen, Line Brandt & Jes Vang

  • Søren Overgaard & Thor Grünbaum
    What Do Weather Watchers See: Perceptual intentionality and agency

  • Shaun Gallagher
    Sense of Agency and Higher-Order Cognition: Levels of explanation for schizophrenia

  • Rick Grush
    Agency, Emulation and Other Minds

  • Merlin Donald & Lars Andreassen
    Consciousness and Governance: From embodiment to enculturation – an interview

  • Kristian Tylén
    When Agents Become Expressive: A theory of semiotic agency

  • Mikkel Holm Sørensen & Tom Ziemke
    Agents without Agency?

130 pages. Electronic document (pdf). Special promotional issue. Available free-to-download in its entirety at

Issue 1 (Fall 2007): Consciousness and Semiosis

Edited by: Per Aage Brandt & Jakob Simonsen

  • Ernst Pöppel
    A Toolbox for Thinking – an essay

  • Todd Oakley
    Attention and Semiotics

  • Per Aage Brandt
    On Consciousness and Semiosis

  • Patrizia Violi
    Semiosis without Consciousness? An ontogenetic perspective

  • Tim Adamson
    Cognition and Conflation: Addressing a paradox in cognitive linguistics

  • Sara Waller
    Dolphin Signature Rhythms and the Non-Cacophonous Coyote: Rhythm, cognition and the animal umwelt

  • Svend Østergaard
    The Dynamics of Interaction and Consciousness

  • Terrence W. Deacon
    Shannon – Boltzmann – Darwin: Redefining information (Part I)

148 pages. Paperback. ISSN 1662-1425. Published by Peter Lang Publishing Group (

Issue 2 (Spring 2008): Cognitive Poetics

Edited by: Line Brandt, Per Aage Brandt & Frank Kjørup

  • Line Brandt
    Literary Studies in the Age of Cognitive Science

  • Christopher Collins
    Palaeopoetics: Prefatory notes toward a cognitive history of poetry

  • Haj Ross
    Structural Prosody

  • Frank Kjørup
    Grammetrics and Cognitive Semantics: Metaphorical and force dynamic aspects of verse-syntax counterpoint

  • Margaret H. Freeman
    Reading Readers Reading a Poem: From conceptual to cognitive integration

  • Per Aage Brandt & John Hobbs
    Elements in Poetic Space: A cognitive reading

  • Reuven Tsur
    Comparing Approaches to Versification Style in Cyrano de Bergerac

  • Terrence W. Deacon
    Shannon – Boltzmann – Darwin: Redefining information (Part II)

198 pages. Paperback. ISSN 1662-1425. Published by Peter Lang Publishing Group (

Forthcoming issues of COGNITIVE SEMIOTICS

  • Issue 3 (Fall 2008): Semiotics as a Cognitive Science
    Editors: Riccardo Fusaroli & Jes Vang

  • Issue 4 (Spring 2009): Anthroposemiotics vs. Biosemiotics
    Editors: Göran Sonesson & Jordan Zlatev

  • Issue 5 (Fall 2009): Aesthetic Cognition
    Editors: Peer Bundgaard & Jean Petitot


  • Issue 1 (2008): Meaning and Materiality
    Editors: Chris Sinha, Cintia Rodriguez & Jes Vang

Details and titles subject to change. Check for updates.