A Course on Cultural Theory: The Group / Grid Model

This is an anthropology course, but not all the leading experts on CT are anthropologists. CT is a subject in itself. A recent count of publications on the topic came up to over 700 items. Essentially it started as a practice developed for understanding the comparisons we make. Why do some people decide to take a big risk? And why do others decide it is too dangerous? Before CT entered the field the usual explanations were psychological. The answer would depend on whether you are a bold and risk-taking person, or prudent and risk-averse. The psychological answer doesn’t take us very far because most of us are risk-averse on some things and risk-taking on others. The CT range of answers depends on how what the other people in the community judge right and wrong, and what influence they exert on us.

McLuhan, Baudrillard and Cultural Theory

Course Description For better and for worse, a McLuhan renaissance is in full swing. I provide a theoretical and historical context for understanding this second coming by examining the debates of the 1960s and 1970s in France and Qu├ębec concerning the effects of McLuhanism. The bridge between McLuhanism then and now is established through a […]