Skin, Ink, and Meaning: Podcasts about the Social Semiotics of Tattoos



In this series of podcasts, researcher and professor Dr. Chris Martin sits down with the editor of Ottawa’s Glue Magazine, Cameron Keighley to discuss the chapters of his new book for the Bloomsbury Advances in Semiotics Series,The Social Semiotics of Tattoos: Skin and Self. These podcasts allow Chris to describe the ways in which sociology and social semiotics aid in the study of tattoo meanings, tattoo enthusiasts, and tattoo artists. Among other topics, listeners will follow discussions about symbolic interactionism, Goffman’s dramaturgy, liquid modernity, and multimodality.

Course Outline


Dr. Chris William Martin may be reached at:

  1. Podcast 1: Introduction (PDF)

  2. Podcast 2: Tattoos and Tattooing in an Era of Liquid Modernity (PDF)

  3. Podcast 3: The Art and Artist Behind your Tattoo (PDF)

  4. Podcast 4: Tattoo Artists as Artists  (PDF)

  5. Podcast 5: Permanence as Rebellion (PDF)

  6. Podcast 6: Of Cultural Change and Gendered Bodies (PDF)

  7. Podcast 7: Art and Aesthetics in Tattoos (PDF)

  8. Podcast 8: Conclusion  (PDF)

Chris William Martin's Bio

Dr. Chris William Martin is a professor at Algonquin College, Canada. He has been studying tattoos and tattooing for nearly a decade. This research has culminated in the subject matter of his new book, The Social Semiotics of Tattoos: Skin and Self (2019).