FireSigns: A Semiotic Theory for Graphic Design

Semiotic Review of Books By David Lidov: Steven Skaggs.  FireSigns: A Semiotic Theory for Graphic Design.  [ In the series “Design Thinking, Design Theory” edited by Ken Friedman and Erik Stolterm]  MIT Press. ISBN 3543 97802620 […]

Reviews’ review: botanical semiotics

Plants are organisms that process vital information from their environment and from other plants. Folk biology sees vegetal life as basically passive, “vegetative”. The circadian motion of sun flowers is perceived as an oddity. But […]

The SemiotiX Review of Books

Semiotica botanica Some four decades ago, German semiotician, artist, and architect Martin Krampen coined the term phytosemiotics (from the Ancient Greek word for plant). Based on the fragile evidence available at the time, he claimed […]

The local in the sociolinguistics of globalization

Introduction: sociolinguistics and globalisation Since the turn of the Millennium, globalization has become a major focus in sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, investigating themes such as: learning and teaching in diverse urban classrooms (Spotti 2011; Karrebæk […]