Multimodal argumentation in context.

From the International Pragmatics Conference (July 26-31) A specialist of multimodal discourse analysis, the author addresses the issue of context change potential (CCP) from a cognitive semiotic perspective. As Dr. Wildfeuer could not be present […]

Let’s restitute indexicality! A manifesto

Modern semiotics willingly embraces the tripartite typology of signs proposed by Charles Sanders Peirce. Even though exact formulations differ and other classes of signs may be proposed, most semioticians would agree that sign can be […]

Toward Social Neuroscience

As a psychiatrist and lecturer in experimental psychiatry and social neuroscience, I am interested in how human beings understand and make sense of each other. My research is based on the assumption that social cognition […]

Space, Technology, and Attention Structures

‘There’s no there there,’ Gertrude Stein famously said of Oakland, California. What she meant, of course, was that she could find nothing in Oakland that made it different from anywhere else, nothing that caught her […]

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