SEMIOFEST 2020 goes to Mexico

Semiofest, a Celebration of Applied Semiotic Thinking, is the world’s only applied semiotic conference. If you are a practitioner of semiotics or want to become one you should be there! We’re officially opening up the Call for Papers for next year’s Semiofest 2020 in Mexico. If you are interested in participating as a Speaker our Call for Papers is already open.

We invite you to share abstracts before 30th November at:

The theme for Mexico City Semiofest in 2020 will be that of ‘re-semiotization’. Semiofest invites you to explore the notion of repurposing meanings. i.e. translating signs into new meanings: so we especially look for papers proposing themes like Repositioning Brands, Code Borrowing, and Multi-Modality. But all papers on applied semiotics are considered.

We have two excellent Keynotes booked already, José Manuel Valenzuela on continual re-construction of Mexican identity in Latam and the USA. And Roman Esqueda on “The Brand as an extension of the mind. Brand semiosis as complex interactive systems.” Plus an interactive workshop on visual diary narratives as a semiotic research technique delivered by Nora Morales. But we’re not just going for the #semiotics. It’s going to be a rich cultural programme and a celebration of good food, music and ideas. If you’re not going to be a speaker, please feel free to come as an attendee and register here: Save the date from the 27th to 30th of May 2020 and join us in Mexico.

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