Fake News, Misinformation/Disinformation, Post-Truth: Versus 127

The latest issue of VERSUS (127, N. 2/2018) is now available in print and online. The principal thematic section of the issue features seven articles written on the topic of “Fake News, Misinformation/Disinformation, Post-Truth” . Edited by Piero Polidoro, articles in the issue treat the topic from a variety of perspectives, from Philosophy of Language and Semotics to Rhetoric and Analytic Philosophy.


The table of contents for this issue can be also consulted here: https://www.rivisteweb.it/issn/0393-8255

Individual article abstracts are available by selecting “Dettagli” or “Details”.

+++ Thematic section – Fake news, misinformation/disinformation, post-truth +++

  • Post-Truth and Fake News. Preliminary Considerations (Piero Polidoro)
  • What is Fake News? (Romy Jaster, David Lanius)
  • The Need for More Rhetoric in the Public Sphere. A Challenging Thesis About Post-Truth (Salvatore Di Piazza, Francesca Piazza, Mauro Serra)
  • Sharing as Speech Act (Emanuele Arielli)
  • No More Faith in Fakes. A Natural History of Counterfeiting (Göran Sonesson)
  • The Cost of Truth. Motivations of a Pragmatist Trust-Conditional Approach to News Evaluation (Dario Compagno)
  • The Discourse of Fake News in Italy. A Comparative Analysis (Francesco Mangiapane)

+++ Research and discussions +++

  • Constituting and Living the Umwelt. Two Levels of Semiosis in Jakob von Uexküll’s Environmental Theory (Carlo Brentari)
  • Commodity-Form as Oppositional Structure. The Versus of a Social Relation (Giorgio Borrelli)

Versus is a semiotic journal that also deals with theory and philosophy of language, founded in 1971 by Umberto Eco.

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