Call for papers


Celebrating Change

DATE: 24th – 27th October 2018

Venue: Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Vastu Sangrahalaya


Semiofest 2018 is dedicated to uncovering the “Spirit of Meaningful Change”.

Semiofest, Mumbai invites you to explore the notion of societal, business and branding change by asking you how semiotics and related methodologies can help us navigate the spirit of accelerating change at work and in the world. We live in a chaotic and shape-shifting world today. Artificial Intelligence and chatbots, a multi-polar world and rise of autocratic leaders are some of the forces changing societies in unpredictable ways. In business, disruptive business models such as UBER and Airbnb have scaled at break-neck speed. Digital technologies and media platforms allow information to circulate instantaneously. Alt-facts, post-truth, the bombardment of messaging through many digital platforms, have led to more content but arguably, less meaning.

‘Metanoia’ is the name for acts of resilience and adaptive learning in times of turbulence and opportunity. It is indeed adaptive evolution that brings a more ‘meaningful’ approach to dealing with changing situations than holding on to well-established ways that are in imminent danger of being rendered obsolete.

Semiotics as a discipline is uniquely placed to provide perspective and deeper insight into the workings of these forces how they change meanings.

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