Special issues of Semiotica on A. J. Greimas

We are pleased to announce two special issues in honor of A. J. Greimas edited by Thomas F. Broden and Stéphanie Walsh Matthews and published in Semiotica: Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies / Revue de l’Association Internationale de Sémiotique (Berlin: De Gruyter):

Issue 214A. J. Greimas—Life and Semiotics / La vie et la Sémiotique d’A. J. Greimas, special issue of Semiotica214 (February 2017). XIV, 438 pages. Hard copy and electronic versions published in February 2017.

Issue 219La Sémiotique Post-Greimassienne / Semiotics Post-Greimas, special issue of Semiotica 219 (November 2017). X, 586 pages. Hard copy and electronic versions published in November 2017.

Special thanks go to the editorial committee of the two special issues: Anne Beyaert-Geslin, Gérard Bucher, Jean-Claude Coquet, Marco Fiola, Jacques Fontanille, Louis Hébert, Anne Hénault, Kathleen Kellett, Jean-Marie Klinkenberg, Massimo Leone, Frank Nuessel, Paul Perron, Jean Petitot, François Rastier, and Eero Tarasti.

Thomas Broden, broden@purdue.edu

Stéphanie Walsh Matthews, swalsh@arts.ryerson.ca

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