Enam Huque


My Full name is Muhammad Enamul Huque. I am a Toronto-based Bangladesh-born Canadian communication researcher and visual artist. My research works follow the tradition of cultural studies and are inspired by the principle of social justice; they encompass: (i) street-mediated mass communication; and (ii) informal education through public discourses involving cultural expressions and the inclusive and participatory aspects of citizenship. My art works are presented in the form of hybrid installation in gallery settings and utilize multiple media to raise public awareness about social issues.

My doctoral thesis titled Belonging through Participation: An Exploration of Caribana, Pride, and Santa Claus Parades in Toronto, 1998-2004 helped me to identify the major components of the aforementioned parades and understand the ways through which they work as educational catalysts for spectators thus enriching the cultural aspects of citizenship by generating a sense of belonging. My research questions were framed within a context that saw the lack of a sense of belonging as an impediment (among others) to the realization of full citizenship for minority groups in Canada.

An expansion of my doctoral work is being planned to include a set of street happenings and exhibits such as scheduled and spontaneous events, billboards, monuments, street names, and noncommercial posters of Toronto along with that of another city (yet to be determined). Collectively, street spectacles make an important contribution to the civic discourses of respective cities and help develop a sense of participatory citizenship for their inhabitants through a form of lifelong learning known to educators as “informal education.” By critically examining these events and exhibits I hope to augment the scholarship which is aimed at making the Canadian public sphere more inclusive. Such improvements are expected to happen through the increased participation and visibility of marginalized citizens, and thereby strengthen one of the four pillars of education known as “learning to live together,” identified and promoted by the UNESCO for the 21st Century.

The stake holders associated with such events, educators, social justice activists, policy makers, artists, and producers of cultural festivities, who wish to facilitate civic participation and social cohesion among people to enrich the socio-cultural dimensions of citizenship in Canada and elsewhere, may use the findings of my studies as empowering knowledge in their tasks for designing, evaluating, managing, and improving the civic contributions of these events and exhibits.


Ph.D. in Cultural Studies and Critical Pedagogy, 2007, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto, Canada. Thesis title: Belonging through participation: An exploration of the Caribana, (Gay-Lesbian) Pride, and Santa Claus Parades in Toronto, 1998-2004.

MFA in Multidisciplinary Visual Arts Studio Program, 1988, York University, Toronto, Canada. Thesis exhibition: Seeber Natch (Dance of Shiva).

BFA (Magna-cum-Laude, Dean’s Honour List), Visual Arts Studio Program, 1986, University of Ottawa, Canada.

MA and BA (Honours) in Economics, 1980 and 1978, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Awards, Grants, Honours, and Scholarships

Artist-in-Residence at CYPRES (Intercultural Centre for Practice, Research and Interdisciplinary Exchanges), January 1 — June 30, 1995. Aix-en-Provence, France.

UNESCO-Aschberg Awards for Artists, Paris, July 7, 1994, France.

Canada Council Exploration Grant for the project entitled, A visual investigation into the concept of cultural frontier, May 6, 1992. [The report: “Samajik utsob” (social-events): The welcoming gallery-doors to our hearts, homes and habitats].

Visual Arts Grant, Ontario Arts Council, 1994.

Writers’ Reserve Grant, Ontario Arts Council, 1992.

Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council, 1999, 1998, 1994, 1993.

Artists’ Residency Grant, 1989, Banff Center for the Arts (unable to accept due to immigration complications).

Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2000-2002.

Entrance Scholarship to the MFA Program, York University, 1986.

Association of Professors’ Award, 1984 & 1985, University of Ottawa.

Dean’s Honour List, 1983, University of Ottawa, Canada.

Golden Medallion, All Nations Poetry Contest, 1980, Triton College, Chicago, USA.

Junior Literary Award for contribution to weekly newspaper pages for teenagers, 1974, The Morning News, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Selected Research Presentations

In the live gallery for self-expression, social activism, and commercial manipulation: Artists in the contemporary streets, Session Chair and Session-topic initiator, 91st Annual American College Art Association Conference, February 19-22, 2003, in New York City, USA.

“Between ‘Buy nothing day’ and ‘Shopping is Good’: A critical look into the outdoor advertisement campaigns in Contemporary Streets of Toronto, Canada”, paper presentation in the annual conference entitled: Orientations, International Association of Word and Image Studies, July 21-27, 2002, University of Hamburg, Germany.

“Pen, Papers and ‘Cafeheads’: architects discover the patrons of their next project by sketching local residents in neighbourhood cafes”, paper presentation at The American Culture Association (24th Annual) and Popular Culture Association (32nd annual) conference, March 13-16, 2002, Toronto.

“Asoka Columns in the 3rd Century BC and the urban hydropoles in the 21st century: message bearers for the citizens?” paper presentation in the conference entitled, Cultural studies: Between politics and ethics, 6-8 July, 2001, Bath Spa University College, England.

“Loud Voice in Mute Space: An exploration of popular expression on the walls and the street-posters in Toronto”, paper presentation at the Theory and Practice: a Graduate Conference, March 16-17, 2001, Rochester University, New York, USA.

“Empowering Knowledge and Street-events: Workshop and Panel Discussion,” session initiator and member of the panel, Community Arts Biennale, Trinity Square Video Gallery, June 12, 2000, Toronto.

“Street-events as Discourses of Multiethnic Identities in Cosmopolitan cities: an Exploration of four Recent Parades in Toronto” , paper and video presentation in the International Symposia entitled: Shifts in Education, Space, and Teacher Education in association with the International Education Research Forum, Japan Society for Studies in Teacher Education (JSPS), and the Chines Association of Higher Teacher Education, March 27-31, 2000, Sponsored by JSPS and Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

“The Streets and Democratic Citizenship: an Exploration of six Recent Street-Events in Toronto”, paper and video presentation in the conference entitled: Toward an Ecology of Education: Building Communities Across Discipline. Fourth Annual Students’ Research Conference and International Forum, February 26, 1999, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA., USA.

Member of the Panel Discussion about the exhibition entitled: Unbound Geographies/fused histories: The British/Canadian Exchange, Henry White Kinnear Education Theatre, September 10, 1998, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

Selected Exhibitions

Sitol Rowdh (cold sunshine)– multiple media installation in Unbound Geographies: Fused Histories, 4 person curated exhibition, September 1-25, 1999, Lethaby Gallery, London, England.

Chasma (eye glasses)– multiple media installation in Unbound Geographies: Fused Histories, 4 person curated exhibition, September 9 — October 17, 1998, A-Space Gallery, Toronto.

Jonobinodon (peoples’ festivities), concurrent solo exhibition of mixed media paintings with the International Conference and Workshops entitled, Translation and Globalization October 4-6, 1996, Victoria University at the University of Toronto.

Recent Paintings in Members’ show, September 1-30, 1996, A-Space Gallery, Toronto.

Vhukhondo Karagar (entrapment in one’s own homeland), solo exhibition in the form of site specific multiple media installation, June 22 — July 5, 1995, CYPRES — Intercultural Centre for Practice, Research and Interdisciplinary Exchanges (now in Marseille) / Ecole d’Art, Aix-en-Provence, France.

Chatrapoti (umbrella-man)– solo concurrent exhibition in the form of site specific multiple media installation with the international conference entitled, Animals: A Reappraisal– The Post-Cartesian Vision of Animals in Art, Science, education, ethics and the Law, May 19 — June 10, 1994, Northrop Frye Hall, Victoria University at the University of Toronto.

Rajshahi (name of a city in Bangladesh)– solo concurrent art exhibition in the form of site specific multiple media installation with the international conference entitled, “Others” in Discourse: The Rhetoric and Politics of Exclusion, May 6-25, 1993, Victoria University at the University of Toronto.

Seeber Natch and Sleeping Devices for York, Concurrent 2 person exhibition in the form of site specific multiple media installation, April 23-29, 1988, Market Gallery, Toronto.

Mukut Ar Chori (The crown and walking stick) in Tracing Back, outdoor performance-walk (July 22, 1987) and group exhibition, August 23-29, 1987, IDA Gallery, York University, Toronto.

My Charpaiya (my bed) in The Garden Party, outdoor group exhibition, September 15-29, 1987, York University ground, Toronto.


Frog’s Umbrella, MPEG [NTSC] colour, 4 ½ minutes, 2005.

Kobita Bristi (A shower in poetry), VHS/D8 [NTSC] colour, 4 ½ minutes (approximately), 2005.

Alphabet Train, VHS/D8 [NTSC] colour, 4 ½ minutes (approximately), 2005.

Pain, pleasure, and perversion, VHS/D8 [NTSC] colour, 7 ¾ minutes (approximately), 2004.

A Revolution, VHS [NTSC] colour, 4 ¾ minutes, 2004.

Questions about some answers, VHS/D8 [NTS] colour, 6 minutes (approximately), 2004.

The Midnight Bus, VHS/D8 [NTSC] colour, 15 minutes (approximately), 2004.

Dugdugi-wala: The Drum, the Fire, and the Dance, VHS/D8 [NTSC] colour, 5 ½ minutes, 2003.

Kali Bengali and the Hot-heads, VHS/D8 [NTSC] colour, 7¼ minutes, 2003.

Kaluram’s V-Journal, VHS/D8 [NTSC] colour, 13 minutes (approximately), 2001.

Chilled Sunshine, VHS/D8 [NTSC] colour, 6¼ minutes, 2000.

Outer Lenses, VHS/D8 [NTSC] colour, 7½ minutes, 1999.

Painting in 3D, VHS/D8 [NTSC] colour, 5½ minutes, 1986; Re-edited: 2000.

Dr. Ozha’s Eyeglasses, VHS/D8 [NTSC], 8 minutes, 1985; Re-edited: 2000.

AB, VHS/D8 [NTSC] Black and White, 2 minutes, 1985; Re-edited: 2000.

Selected Publications, References, and Documents

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Community and Professional Involvement

Juror, Visual and Media Arts Project grants, Ontario Arts Council, Fall, 2001.

Initiator of the “Empowerment & Street knowledge: A screening & panel discussion”, CAB 2000: Community arts Biennale, Toronto, 2000.

Juror, Foreign Artists’ Program, A-Space Gallery, Toronto, 1996.

Member of the selection committee for the Visual Arts, Desh Pardesh, annual South Asian cultural event, May 4-8, 1994.

Member of the Board of Directors, A-Space Gallery, Toronto, 1994.

Other Images of Art Works and Research Subjects

Utsob Bakso, installation, Canada, 1994

Stills from three videos, 2003-2005

Editorial illustrations, 1983-1986

Street events, 1993-2000

Street posters, 1998-2002

Community art and expression, 1995-2007