Anne Zeller


Anne Zeller, Distinguished Professor Emerita, received a BSc from Trent University (1970) and her M.A.(1971) and Ph.D (1978) from the University of Toronto. She retired from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Waterloo in 2010. During her graduate studies she worked on chromosome analysis, comparing chimpanzee and human chromosomes. She has undertaken primate field research in Morocco and Gibraltar, and Borneo in 1988. In 1992 Dr. Zeller spent 4 months in Africa observing primates in their natural habitat. This project sprang from a concern about the welfare of primates in the wild and how they are influenced by the needs of humans in developing countries. These two types of research combine interests in the physical development of humans from their primate ancestors, and the behavioral patterns of primates which are similar to those found among humans. However, her approach to physical anthropology is very wide ranging and she has presented papers on witchcraft, dietary influences on behaviour, the role of children in evolution, and child abuse in primates, as well as on her major focus of primate communication. She is also interested in the use of film in research.  Her research also includes the interactions of adults and infants in the socializing process of Macaca fascicularis, the crab eating macaque of Indonesia.

Dr. Zeller has made a number of videos on primate behaviour from material she recorded on free-ranging prosimians, monkeys and apes in Africa and Indonesia, as well as research sites in North America and Europe. In addition, she has produced videos on human evolution.  She has produced a video on the place of chimpanzees in today’s world as well as a video on New World monkeys. Information about Dr. Zeller’s films can be found here.

Selection of Publications

A series of lectures available online on the subject “Human Communication as a Primate Heritage“, as well as a series of book reviews on primates and communication through the Cyber Semiotic Institute.

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