Tribute to Martin Krampen


By Pierre Pellegrino, Honorary President of the International Association for the Semiotics of Space.

Martin Krampen died a few months ago, we honor here his memory. He was a leading figure in the German semiotics in the twentieth century. Martin was not only a rigorous scientist, but also a talented artist. He developed the visual semiotics in both theory and practice, He has made a decisive contribution to the articulation of semiotics to psychology of form. That is why we want to organize a session in his memory on the contribution of theories of form to the semiotics of space. The contribution of Martin to the edification of a semiotic of space explored and formalized, innovative and methodical way, the process of industrial design and architectural project. His contributions have so brought the spirit of synthesis that was necessary for a general semiotics that was developing beyond the only linguistic field. His kindness, his smile and patience remain a life lesson as much as his research and writings.

Outline of the session to be a part of the 13th World Congress of Semiotics in 2017” with the link the PDF

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